At Flex Drive Minibus Hire and MPV Rentals we can offer you a high quality, self-drive minibus hire and MPV rentals at most affordable prices. Our modern fleet of reliable minibuses and MPVs, excellent customer service will ensure you have a pleasant experience when renting from FlexDrive.

Browse our collection of varying MPV and minibus sizes and brands to select the ideal one for you and your group. All of our vehicles are available at realistic, affordable prices for a high quality selection of minibus rentals. No matter how big your group is, there are no big prices. All of our MPVs and Minibuses come with high specifications and all basic amenities, and on-demand Sat Nav, air conditioning, heated seats and reversing camera on most models as well.

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Why Self Drive Minibus Hire / Minibus Rental from Flex-Drive?

Embark on group adventures with FlexDrive's specialized Self-Drive Minibus Hire services, providing the ultimate freedom and flexibility for your journeys. Our minibus hire options redefine convenience, ensuring that you can find a reliable and well-maintained vehicle with ease, making "minibus hire near me" a reality for your travel needs. Whether you're planning a family outing, a group excursion, or corporate travel, our self-drive minibus hire options cater to various group sizes, offering the perfect solution for your transportation requirements.

Explore the versatility of our fleet, including options like 16 seater minibus hire for smaller groups and 17 seater minibus hire for larger parties. FlexDrive's commitment to providing quality self-drive minibus rental options ensures that you have access to a range of vehicles, allowing you to choose the perfect minibus for your specific needs. With our self-drive minibus rental services, you are in control of your journey, giving you the freedom to customize your travel experience.

For those in the heart of the bustling city, our Self-Drive Minibus Hire London services offer a seamless solution for group transportation. FlexDrive's self-drive minibus hire options in London combine the convenience of accessibility with the freedom to explore the city and its surroundings at your pace. Enjoy the ease of booking and the assurance of well-maintained vehicles, making FlexDrive the go-to choice for self-drive minibus hire services in the vibrant city of London.

Experience the reliability and convenience of FlexDrive's self-drive minibus hire services, where customization meets comfort. Whether it's a day trip, a weekend getaway, or an extended journey, our minibus rental options provide the space and flexibility needed for memorable group adventures. Choose FlexDrive for your self-drive minibus hire needs and elevate your group travel experience with the assurance of quality, convenience, and freedom.

Every minibus rental comes with a fully-vetted and experienced driver ready to get you to your destination safely and efficiently.

In order to better protect our customers and our hirers, we have implemented new COVID19 safety measures such as disinfecting minibuses and MPVs between trips. See our COVID-19 Protection Advice.

Our customers benefit from a flexible change and cancellation policy, including no-fee** changes and cancellations for most trips. Call us for a best and most customer friendly cancellation. Though our no-charge-cancellation policy is conditional.

Minibus rentals are designed with fuel-economy and cost-efficiency in mind, offering smaller groups a convenient and affordable charter bus rental.

We are specialists in providing all types of Minibuses and MPVs for our customers and have a vast amount of experience in vehicle hire industry. We fully understand the stressful needs and demands of your group and make bus charter or hire simple for you. Whether you require a brand new vehicle with different specifications or just a replacement vehicle for your current needs Flex-Drive MPV & Minibus Hire has the perfect solution for you.

Minibus rentals are the most convenient and cost-effective way to transport smaller groups within and between communities. Minibus charters are great for trips over shorter distances, offering a great alternative to 18 passenger van rentals and 20 seater vans.

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