01FlexiLease Hire

We are pleased to introduce FlexiLease which has been designed to help businesses like yours become more competitive without the fixed long-term contract. You can choose from a wide selection from our current fleet of over 1500 vehicles to suit your businesses needs and quickly set up a short-term lease as and when your fleet needs to expand.

In essence, FlexiLease fills the gap between short term rental (0 – 84 days) and long term (over 24 months) contract hire, providing a cost effective and flexible solution that adjusts to your changing vehicle requirements.

FlexWe offer competitive rates based on a 3 to 12, 12 to 18 and 18 to 24-month rental plan, which is a great way to meet the varying needs of

New members of staff
A short-term business contract
A bespoke vehicle requirement
Overseas visitors
Or as an alternative to long term funding in uncertain times.

With our Flexilease hire option you can insure the vehicle yourself or choose to have the vehicle insured by Kendall Cars Limited meaning FlexiLease covers all the vehicle running costs except the fuel you use…. A simple solution for a business vehicle.

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